WRITING COMICS: My First Work for Marvel

My first gig for Marvel was a short story for Secret Wars: Battleworld #2. Short stories like this are one of the ways Marvel tests out new writers. I was asked to pitch several ideas, and the one they picked was Blade the Vampire Slayer vs. Howard the Duck. This was actually an idea for a limited series that I pitched multiple times once I got in over at Marvel (but they weren’t interested in anything longer than).

This story was drawn by J.J. Kirby, who I have known for many years, and really wanted to work with. While I had a lot of fun during my time writing for Marvel, it never got better than this right here. J.J. Kirby and I collaborated again on the upcoming Marvel Comics #1000, and we are currently working together on an indie project called The Leader League, which will be published through Solid Comix.

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